Website Hosting

Every site needs good hosting. Cheap and slow hosting can lose you customers and cost you money in lost revenue.


WordPress hosting and maintenance with unlimited support.


When you’re starting out and need the basics


For websites under 5,000 Visits/month

Free migration from any host

Ultra-secure VPS hosting

Ongoing maintenance

Premium plugins

Limited support

Contact to order


Perfect for businesses who want to grow


15,000 Visits/month

Free migration from any host

Ultra-secure VPS hosting

Unlimited Small Updates & Maintenance

Premium Plugins & Security

Monthly Reports

Contact to order


a must for high-traffic and Changing websites


40,000 Visits/Month

Free migration from any host

Unlimited under 20 min site updates.

Single tenancy custom hosting

Ongoing site care/maintenance

Priority unlimited support

Contact to order



There is no contract when you host with us if we didn’t build your website.

You will also save any plugin or theme licences if we have them. When you leave, which we hope won’t ever happen, you will have to acquire your own licences for the various items you need to run your website… but we got you covered in the meantime.

We could and have in the past. What we’ve found is that 99.9% of our clients want us to take care of everything for them.

And why shouldn’t we? We know what we’re doing so you can focus on what you’re good at, which isn’t likely web hosting and geeky stuff we have to deal with.

We got you covered on almost all fronts. At least that we know of.

You have an event that is coming up and you expect 1,000,000 people to your site. We got you covered.

You want your site to load at the speed of light. We got you covered.

You want your privacy policies and Terms of Service to be up to date? We can get you a discount from those who has you covered.

If you have a question about something, we can help. We are here to make sure that you get what you need to make your website work for you.

We do not offer email services with your website.

We recommend using the Google Workspace emails or if you’re more technically inclined MX Route to save you money.